Thank you so much for your help in designing and coordinating our new office space! We have had so many compliment and attribute that to you. You were a huge help to us, and we hope to refer others to you! We are so pleased with the outcome but are even more appreciative with how you worked with us. -Gordon & Janet M.

I've been so inspired to have you as my designer. I believe in recommending people who are outstanding. I'm recommending you because you are outstanding and dedicated. thank you so much . I can't wait for your work to keep unfolding now and for years to come. -Tracy T.

Lisa Moore and Mindful Design completely transformed my entire office setting and created a much more sophisticated yet casual atmosphere.  The layout that she created for my office as well as the various recommendations of decorations has drastically changed my mood at my office, and I have found myself being much more productive.  Thank you so much for your assistance Lisa!  -Dan D.

Working with Mindful Design was essential to the success of my multiple projects. Lisa thinks in advance of all the little things that no one else does and therefore prevents problems that would otherwise arise. Mindful Design is professional in every aspect and is willing to do as much or as little as you would like on the project. I am very happy with the results. - Colleen C.

Although remodeling is always a challenge, the chaos has been minimized by your attention to detail and consideration for our need to live here during the process. -Karen T.

Lisa is amazing in her ability to read a client and use existing items to define a person's space and make it feel like a place you really want to come home to. I will use her again.   -Adrienne H.

Lisa's creativity and professionalism are terrific. I would recommend her anytime. -Leslie M.

Lisa has done an incredible job on several design projects for me. I can't tell you how much time and money I saved by hiring Lisa. Her knowledge of color/design is fabulous, her intution and visions are amazing, and you can count on her attention to detail and professionalism in all aspects of the project. -Terry V.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us during this project. Working with you has been an unbelievable pleasure. -Karen T.

I can't tell you how pleased we were with LIsa's recommendations; she has this amazing feel for colors and leading our eye to focal points while drawing emphasis away from the less desirable areas. -Terry V.

We have been completely enlightened by Lisa's observations and inspired by her skill numerous times. -Leslie M.