How This Works

You want to know how this design thing works. Process and steps are listed below; however, the goal is much more interesting. The finished design product should make you feel wonderful and:

  • Capture your essence and reflect it in your interior space
  • Work within budget to create your optimum surroundings
  • Produce spaces that invoke a response from you, whether it restful, creative, rejuvenating, or invigorating.


Hourly Based

If you would like professional input, do it by the hour! Mindful Design will meet with you discuss:

  • Paint color
  • Window treatments
  • Carpet and Area Rug selections
  • Artwork, accessory selection, placement
  • Space Planning

These are just a few of the many ideas you may have. Hiring a designer for an hour or two can help give a perspective you haven’t imagined yet. Fee is one hour minimum, with additional time billed in 15 minute increments.


Project Based


Partnering with Mindful Design puts you in charge of how your project will unfold. We begin with a personal interview at your home or office in which we’ll discover how you envision your space.  At the completion of your interview, we’ll understand how you want your space to feel and function.  Design services and fees will be discussed so you know how it works and what to expect. The interview is your opportunity to determine if contracting with Mindful Design is a good fit, if fees feel reasonable and value-oriented, and if design services will help you move forward. The interview is a complementary service.


Letter of Agreement

The interview is completed and your project begins with a signed letter of agreement. We determine the scope of work to be completed, discuss budget and how involved you’d like to be. Project relationships range from DIF clients to clients who prefer all work materials and subcontractors be recommended and scheduled by Mindful Design. Anywhere within this range works—your project is about you and how to best reach your optimum interior space.  You decide how to get there.


Installation and Completion

Mindful Design will make each project easy to complete:

  • Product recommendations that work with your lifestyle and budget
  • Recommendation of highly qualified contractors
  • Procurement of estimates including materials and labor
  • Coordinate work to be completed


The End Result

You should have a space that feels like you and matches your vision. Congratulations! We finish by photographing your interior design project for the Mindful Design portfolio.  Your flexibility in having your space styled is appreciated. Mindful Design may rearrange, remove existing decorations during photography session and add accessories to complement photography. Spaces will be returned to original configuration at end of session. If you favor accessories provided for photos, they may be available for purchase through Mindful Design.