Creating Home

January 8th, 2012 by

My eldest daughter has decided it’s time to see what life’s like outside the nest. Thrilled, she and her friends have found a charming townhouse at a reasonable rate. Having a visual eye, she is excited but wary of the paint that leans to pink. Why? Our environments have a great impact on us and effect how we feel in our day to day setting. Moving into a rental environment that you’re not crazy can make you a little crazy, because everyone needs to define personal space with things that makes usĀ us.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to make rental spaces fabulous without making landlords fuss. Here are just two:

Ask if you can paint your space a different color. Some apartment complexes and property management companies allow painting upon approval. Say “goodbye pink!”

My daughter Erica wants a fun ceiling fixture in her room but the room doesn’t have existing electrical in the ceiling. My solution is easy to install and easy to remove. I’ll purchase a large ceiling fixture from IKEA. We’ll use a long extension to run the cord up the wall and across the ceiling to the center of the room. Extension cords aren’t pretty, so we’ll create a fabric tube and bunch it up all along the cord to create a casual feel, but not before making sure the fabric choice communicates the feel we want. A simple neutral linen will look sophisticated and smart, where a bright punchy color will look like high energy fun. No matter what look you’re going for these tips offer simple and smart ways to personalize a space.